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Our Partners

Puntland Community Ry (Finland)

Role in AGROECO: Spearheading project coordination and sharing expertise in innovative training methodologies.

About Puntland Community Ry: Dedicated to community development and education, Puntland Community Ry has a rich history of fostering growth and opportunity in rural areas, aligning seamlessly with AGROECO’s objectives.

Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy)

Role in AGROECO: Leading the development of educational curriculums and digital outreach strategies.

About Mine Vaganti NGO: With a focus on social innovation and youth empowerment, Mine Vaganti NGO brings a dynamic approach to AGROECO, infusing the project with creative solutions and cutting-edge digital strategies.

Cordoba Academy (Morocco)

Role in AGROECO: Enhancing cultural exchange and integrating traditional agricultural knowledge into the project.

About Cordoba Academy: As a beacon of cultural heritage and agricultural wisdom, Cordoba Academy’s involvement enriches AGROECO with deep insights into Morocco’s rich agricultural traditions and sustainable practices.

Training Without Borders (Egypt)

Role in AGROECO: Offering technical expertise and innovative resource development for the project.

About Training Without Borders: Focused on bridging gaps in education and skills training, Training Without Borders contributes its extensive experience in technical training and mentorship, vital for the success of AGROECO’s initiatives.