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In the heart of rural communities across Finland, Italy, Morocco, and Egypt, a story of change and empowerment unfolds. AGROECO, more than a project, is a journey through knowledge and innovation. Our Intellectual Outputs – the National Report, Good Practices Report, Training Format, and Handbook – are chapters in this inspiring journey.

National Report

Country Profiles: This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the agricultural and youth employment landscape in each participating country. It highlights the unique challenges and opportunities in sustainable agriculture specific to Finland, Italy, Morocco, and Egypt.

Key Insights: Drawing on data and local observations, the report provides a detailed look at how each country is navigating the complexities of modern agriculture and youth engagement.

Good Practices Report

Collection of Best Practices: This report compiles effective green entrepreneurship and digital marketing strategies from each country. It serves as a resource for understanding what works in various agricultural contexts.

Learning from Success: The report details case studies and examples of successful sustainable practices, providing practical insights for replication and adaptation.

Training Format

A Comprehensive Guide: The Training Format is a methodological guide offering a blend of non-formal education methods focused on sustainable and agro-entrepreneurship. It’s tailored for young workers and includes diverse educational tools.

Tools and Methodologies: It encompasses a range of learning materials, including workshops, exercises, videos, and storytelling experiences, all designed to equip young workers with essential skills and knowledge and it’s designed around non-formal methodology.


Integrative Resource: The Handbook is a compilation that includes the National and Good Practices Reports and the Training Format. It’s designed as an all-encompassing learning tool for youth workers.

Focus on Agro-ecology: Targeting youth workers dealing with unemployed and NEET youths, the Handbook focuses on developing agroecological skills, offering a valuable resource for training and development.